10 Huge Jobs In Finance And Audit For 2023

A new year beckons! And with a new year comes new opportunities – but not all opportunities are equal in the face of a recession and heightened pressure on businesses. 2023 is looking to be a uniquely disruptive year in finance and audit. Whilst reports state the coming recession won’t be as severe as 2008/2009, there are stormy horizons ahead for most.

Across audit and compliance, 2023 trends are tracking towards resilience as a priority. Employers are looking to create more psychologically safe and supportive work environments to better retain talent; digital transformation is making real-time audit trails more tangible; and flexibility – digital, physical, workforce and visibility flexibility – is the key to continued diligence and risk management.

Across finance, the “digital” will find itself finally surpassing the physical in 2023. Movements such as embedded finance, blockchain, enhanced RegTech and security, AI/machine learning and understanding “financial tribes” will become hardcoded into everyday finance operations and work, and legacy operations like ERP, platforms-as-a-service and BNPL will have to adapt.

So where does this leave employment opportunities in 2023 within finance and audit? Here are our predictions for the top 10 finance and audit jobs in 2023:

Chief Compliance Officer – With so much focus on digital compliance, ESG reporting and risk management it is natural one of the most in-demand and exciting jobs in 2023 will be that of the Chief Compliance Officer. Indeed, as Gartner predicts, the role of CCO needs to “proactively embrace new leadership responsibilities for their role and reposition how their function is thought of among stakeholders”.

Information Technology Auditor – As the world shifts digital, the position of an IT Auditor increasingly moves central to overall business operations. From increased reliance on cloud-based accounting and third-party risk management to internal training and IT governance, IT auditors will be leaned on as leadership figures in any audit firm or financial department.

Financial Software Developer – From mobile-first financial operations to dragging big data, Financial Software Developers sit in the engine room of digital finance systems and product creation. Think ahead to the macro-trends of near-future finance like e-Currency, cloud-native applications and beyond – your FSD will be the one you turn to.

Insurance Advisor – A pending recession, rising interest rates and in-flux inflationary pressure on business should all point the financial barometer in the direction of risk mitigation and security. As such, Insurance Advisors will take centre stage in the coming few years as companies and individuals look to shore up loose ends.

Tax Auditor – Even though some Auditors across the world are saying inflationary pressures will ease in 2023, the pressures on Tax Auditors will stay high, especially as volatile currencies, Pillar Two and global changes to tax law come into play.

Credit Analyst/Risk Management – As tensions mount across financial markets, Credit Risk Management comes to the fore. Trends in reducing bias across credit access, non-financial risks (EG: cyber threats) and the shift to saving over spending during a recession are looking to put an inordinate amount of pressure on Credit Analysts in 2023, and as such CA professionals will be in much high-demand.

Personal Financial Advisor – The best PFAs have already made inflation-busting moves to protect their client’s assets. In 2023, everything from financial visibility and robo-advisors to ESG investments and revamping retirement planning will further change the sector. We predict a rise in PFA engagement next year.

Budget Analyst – Will or won’t budgets increase next year? Is stress testing financial flexibility enough as non-financial risks rise? We predict the rise in budget analytics will be co-opted across multiple departments from audit and risk to recruitment in 2023. The humble BA will be at the centre of it.

Internal Auditor – The Risk in Focus 2023 report by My Audit Spot regards human capital, diversity and talent management, climate change and “nth” party risk as some of the biggest impact trends on internal audit in 2023, and considering the pressures on operations to have robust compliance and governance facilities, internal auditors will be highly regarded in 2023.

Group Auditor – For larger operations, all the pressures that impact an IA are turned up to 10. In the context of affiliate, subsidiary and joint venture accounts, data protection, cloud-hosting and IT control readiness, a GA is one of the most important figures for accurate financial reporting, and as such will be a leaned-on senior audit figure in any large enterprise.

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