3 Key Reasons Why Internships Are A Springboard To Success

Fresh graduates are naturally hungry and eager to get a job. However, what many new graduates find waiting for them is a fiercely competitive job-seeking environment.  While many fresh graduates, (thankfully), get career jobs quickly, a lot of them don’t. This survey by GradTouch revealed that 34% of unemployed graduates cited a lack of work experience as their biggest obstacle to employment. This frustrating first-job-paradox can be solved through internships.

Internships should not be seen as distraction from your goal of getting your permanent dream job, but more as a stepping stone to a successful career. It certainly never held back the careers of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel (Snapchat founder), Kevin Systrom (Instagram Founder), who all all completed internships as a stepping stone to massive career success. So, what’s the secret of the internship? Here are 3 main reasons internships can benefit you considerably at the start of your career.

Reason 1. Internships make your CV standout from the crowd

Recent research reported in the Independent Online shows that employers value work experience in graduates more than grades, and even the university in which you have attended. 58% of employers considered work experience to be the most popular inducement, with personality coming second at 48%, and just 15% rating a degree from a specific university as most important.

Employers want to see any work experience, but particularly high-level work experience, (such as internships), on graduates CVs. If you have one or more internships on your graduate CV, you’ve got a much greater chance of getting to interview for your dream job. For the most competitive jobs you’ve got little or no chance of interview without internships on your CV.

Reason 2. Internships make you more employable

Academic degree courses have long been criticised for not enabling students to develop the crucial social skills and mindset that are necessary for the work-place. This comparative research paper prepared by K4D for the UK Department for International Development shows that internships can bridge the gap between university and work. This is because they allow students to develop interpersonal skills, team-working skills, professionalism, customer management skills and greater confidence.  Graduates with internships are perceived to have a reduced need for socialisation or work-place adjustment training and are deemed more employable.

Reason 3. Internships can help you build a powerful career network

Internships enable you to build your professional network as you will come into contact with clients, suppliers and colleagues. Networks can provide multiple benefits in your career. For example, members of your network can refer you to a first, second job or any future job. Or they can recommend you to employers, potential clients or even investors. They can endorse your knowledge and expertise which can help you get your first job or win a client or even secure venture funding.

Internships are a catalyst, not a distraction. Many of those seemingly lucky graduates who secured employment ahead of you, and are fast-tracking through business, probably completed internships too. It’s a great springboard to success!

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