Are You Getting What You’re Worth?

Everyone strives to be more successful in their career, however, there is only enough room for a few high flyers. What exactly are business high-flyers? The few people who get paid top dollar as an employee at a company. Whether they work the hardest, they are more intelligent and better at their job than anyone else, or they have been there the longest, they are considered a high-flyer. If you feel you are great at what you do but you aren’t seeing much of a reward for doing so, a good question to ask is, “Am I getting paid enough?”

This question should be asked by every top professional, as well as the question, “Am I earning as much as I could be”? First, you have to understand salaries are influenced by many different factors such as the size and sector of the company, the region it is based, and the companies demand for individual skills. In order to establish if your salary is as much as it should be, you need to assess the average earnings for other professionals in your field. You can review the latest salary guides to get an insight into the different pay levels across all professional sectors. This is to give you a well-rounded idea of what the top-paid employees in your position can command.

What are you earning compared to others?

If you find yourself sitting below-average for somebody working in your role than your best option is to consider a position elsewhere or try and negotiate a better deal with your employer. This means your efforts are not being recognised, therefore making your position seem less valuable.

On the flip side, if you find yourself as one of the top earners in your industry, looking for an increased pay may not be easy. In fact, you may be at a level where raises are not necessary, but a promotion or taking on additional responsibilities may be the best move in the right direction. You may also want to consider moving to a larger organisation who would pay you even more than your current companies top dollar.


Professionals who are considered leaders or high-flyers in their company need to keep in mind that not everyone can do their job. You hold a unique set of skills that have allowed you to thrive in your current employment, in a way not every employee has. We understand how hard you worked to rise to the top, so it’s important to see whether you are getting what you are worth.

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