FP&A Analyst CV, Template and Examples

Building the best FP&A CV

FP&A Analysts are in the engine room of financial enterprise, driving investment planning and establishing the future financial health of their company. As we’ve mentioned in our Job Description and How To Become an FP&A Analyst sections, to be a successful FP&A Analyst takes equal parts accountancy know-how, and commercial acumen, all powered by communication and attention to detail.

It is a challenge to create a resume that succinctly shows the breadth of your role as an FP&A Analyst, however taking the time to perfect your CV will show just how valuable and essential you are to any prospective new employer.

Areas to focus on:

Commerciality and finance acumen

● This is vital – your role as both a financial advisor, planner and trend forecaster means you have to consider both the current and future financial health of your employer at all times.

● Making sure you feed a consistent narrative of balancing your accounting and financial training with case study and real use examples would be incredibly advantageous to any job application, and you should make a point of curating your CV to show your wide financial and commercial knowledge pool.

Financial trend forecasting

● Whether you call this quantitative forecasting, data analysis or performance analysis, this essential skill set needs to be hard coded into your CV. As an FP&A Analyst your role will necessitate a firm grasp of movements within both the wider finance world and how this affects your specific industry.

● To move into senior positions like department head, CFO or CEO you’ll have to show how your forecasting knowledge feeds into actionable information and company successes – so your CV should contain examples of how your forecasting and insight has led to company progress and success.

Diligence and attention to detail

● Akin to an accountant, you have to be obsessed with detail and have an eye for perfection. Again, similar to an accountant, mistakes made can be incredibly costly, and when considering the potential ramifications for poor investments and future financial decision making, your work is even more integral.

● You have to find a way of building into your CV examples of attention to detail, accurate forecasting or presentation, or pinpoint commercial financial advice.

Risk analysis

● Although factoring in risk into any type of financial modelling is always necessary, for an FP&A Analyst being able to balance commerciality and risk into your decision making shows a mature and intelligent worker.

● It also shows that you can make hard, critical financial decisions when the data shows exposure to risk outweighs any positives made through investment, saving or expansion.

FP&A Analyst CV Example

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