How Do I Move From Audit To Finance?

If numbers are your passion but the way you’re utilising that passion is no longer fulfilling your professional ambition then it may be time to consider a change of direction. Specifically, if you’re considering transitioning from Audit to finance there are a number of key tips and points to be aware of in order to make a successful move.

The overriding theme candidates should bear in mind is what the competition may be internally for a similar position. It may seem obvious, but it’s important to note you’ll be competing with people already in the finance function. In order to secure those targeted positions, you will need to bring more to the table than your competition. And certainly not less.


Whether or not you require additional certifications will depend on which area of the business you are looking to move into from Audit. If you are planning to build a long term career in a finance function then a CPA, ACCA or CIMA will prove a considerable advantage.

Specialist recognised recruiter

A Specialist Recruiter who knows the market and career development can assist with your search and offer advice in terms of the right job with the right company.  At Renaix we will be pleased to review your CV free of charge and provide comments and advice on how this may be improved to increase your chances of getting the next promotion.  Just e-mail us and we will forward your query to a member of our team.


In order to gain exposure to put you in front of the right people in finance, it’s very often who you know and to be able to show what you can do, and for this, you will need to hone your networking skills. Access to senior stakeholders will prove highly valuable.  How you go about procuring that access can be tricky, however, particularly for an auditor with a busy travel schedule.  Be very proactive when not traveling to network effectively.  Use your lunch hours, company functions, work drinks and so on to grow your reputation within your company so people know who you are.  Your current network of co-workers and clients, former and present, gives you a great advantage over graduates who are just establishing themselves.  Use LinkedIn to its full effect, you never know to whom your current contacts and friends may be connected. Though if you are contacts-poor it’s worth joining some professional societies as well as attending conferences and other events that may give you access to the right people.

Tailor your CV

Refocus the way your CV reads to emphasise the financial aspects of your experience, that way your career history to date seems more relevant to a future in finance.


The one thing as an auditor you have above all other applicants is the depth of knowledge of your business across multiple functions.  You can demonstrate your understanding of all areas, from payroll to sales, R&D to procurement. This is an attractive attribute to your new potential boss, and as long as you can demonstrate a practical approach to the transition away from auditing, life on the “other side of the fence” is just around the corner!  Essentially you want to highlight your areas of strength in your current role that could prove valuable in a finance function.

A move from Audit to another area of business, whether it is finance or something else, from Supply Chain and Procurement to Sales and Marketing or Sustainability; the key thing to remember is any move should be considered within the frame of your understanding of and exposure to those areas within your business.

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