How Do You Future-Proof Your Career After The Pandemic?

The good news is that despite the year we have had, organisations across the world are starting to make optimistic plans for the post-pandemic future. This research from Gartner shows that senior HR professionals are, “moving away from crisis management towards focusing on what will make their organisations strong, both today and in the future, including having the right skills and competencies, building resilience and having a strong cadre of leaders”.

The survey also revealed that the most pressing issue for senior HR professionals in 2021 is “building critical skills”. This report, along with some other respected sources, has enabled us to come up with three in-demand skills & qualities which will future-proof your post-pandemic career.

1. Can motivate themselves and lift those around them

Speaking at the recent public sector management conference, ‘Preparing for Tomorrow’s World’, Andy Collings from behavioural consultancy Mind Gym urged managers to, “promote hope and joy to counteract the prolonged disruption that staff will face on the route to the normal”, following the pandemic. There are a lot of emotionally exhausted employees out there in need of inspiration. As a result, individuals who can lift and inspire both themselves and others will be a breath of fresh air and worth their weight in gold in 2021!

2. Change Management and Acceptance

Over half of the HR professionals surveyed said that, “executing business transformation was one of their top priorities for 2021”. With the increasing momentum of the remote working revolution and the ongoing digital and future of work transformation agendas, it is no surprise to see that change management is to be one of the most sought-after skills in 2021.  To be a standout candidate and to help future-proof your career in this transformation-intensive post-pandemic environment you will need to show some or all the following change-related qualities.

  • Fluidity with a hybrid remote/office-based form of working and future of work technology
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to participate in corporate change initiatives
  • Ability to contribute ideas, energy, and actions to making faster and smoother corporate transitions
  • An ability to bring others on board with corporate change plans
  • Ability to lead and manage teams through change (if you are a manager or aspire to be one)

Being part of the solution for change and not part of the problem by your bosses will be crucial to future-proofing your job and career.  However, it can be hard to keep a focus during these times of change and uncertainty and if you are struggling with workplace change in this difficult pandemic era, we’d recommend this highly-rated book, Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, by Dr Spencer Johnson.

As a manager, being seen as an effective agent of change will be crucial in the post-pandemic era of 2021, and we’d therefore also recommend this book, Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions, by John Kotter.

3.Clear Focus on Helping Business to regain Market-share

There have been winners and losers in the pandemic when it comes to business. Online retail and technology companies have done well, while traditional retail and hospitality has suffered with the wider economy. As a result, organisational balance sheets have been hit hard and it was no surprise to find from the Gartner study that, “growing business was a key priority in 2021”.

As organisations jockey to regain market position in the post-pandemic era, the squeeze will be on. Sales must win and retain more clients, production must reduce time to market and support services must introduce game-changing efficiencies. Employees who are going above and beyond to help their organisation re-establish market position in 2021 will be invaluable assets during 2021.

Future-Proofing your career in the post-pandemic era of 2021 requires you to show employers that you have the skills and qualities to help the business transform, grow and regain market-share.

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