Asset Manager CV, Template & Examples

CV building tips for asset managers

Asset managers have quite a few options when it comes to building their CVs. They can focus on quantifiable achievements while also spending a lot of time talking about subjective skillsets. For example, an asset manager can state that he or she was responsible for saving EUR 5 million by making changes to existing vendor contracts for properties that are managed by them. Another example could be an asset manager who perhaps reduced the price of an asset that the company acquired to, say, 10% below market value.

These types of bullet points on a CV with a numerical value attached to them can immediately catch the recruiter’s attention. This allows the candidate to direct the conversation towards a discussion of these achievements. And obviously, the candidate would have a lot to talk about these specific projects. Therefore, it is a good idea to sprinkle such points across one’s CV to direct the discussion appropriately.

It is not enough just to talk about objective achievements, however. Depending on the type of assets that they are expected to handle, asset managers would also need to explain their experience and academic qualifications that may be useful in the handling of those assets.

Have role-specific CVs

For most asset managers, the best idea might be to focus on a specific area of specialisation that they have the most experience in. For example, the type of work that an IT asset manager is expected to do is completely different from what someone in digital asset management would be expected to perform. Therefore, a CV that focuses on a specific niche would generally have a higher chance of catching the recruiter’s eye.

In case a candidate has experience in multiple areas, he or she should feel free to make multiple versions of their CV, each of which focuses on a specific niche. They can then apply to different roles with a different version of their CV that specifically targets and highlights their experience in performing that role.

While this is the preferred strategy, sometimes having a generic CV might also be useful. This would depend upon the specifics of the job opening. Some companies might need asset managers who are generalists and therefore would be expected to handle different categories of assets. It is thus a good idea to go through the job description and understand the specifics of the role before deciding which version of your CV to apply with.

Experience vs academic qualifications

There are certain asset management roles that require a lot of on-the-ground experience. For such roles, mentioning your work experience first and foremost would be ideal. However, there are certain roles within asset management where modelling or financial analysis is more important. For such roles, mentioning any certification or academic courses related to that aspect of the job might yield better results.

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