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How To Become A Cyber Security Analyst?

Cyber Security is one of the primary concerns of CEOs globally. By 2021, an estimated USD 6 trillion will be lost to cyber threats around the world! It is no wonder then that companies are hiring cyber security professionals at a record pace and the compensation growth which surely seems to validate that.

However, to successfully crack into the field of cyber security requires technical expertise, an analytical mindset and a general affinity towards technology. In this guide, we hope to provide you with a basic outline of how to go about becoming a cyber security analyst.


How To Become A Business Analyst?

Business Analysts (BAs) are crucial cogs in the corporate machine. Business processes are getting increasingly complex and new technologies and methodologies have made their jobs more dynamic than ever before. This means that the need for continuous on the job training is now mandatory and professionals must endlessly adapt and evolve their skill sets.

A lot of this learning is done on the job. As professionals execute their daily routines, they face challenges and in overcoming those obstacles, build new skills and internalise new lessons. But how to start with the whole process? Here is a simple 5 step guide to help you get started.


How To Become A Financial Controller?

Being a financial controller is a position of considerable responsibility. A financial controller oversees the preparation and dissemination of the regulatory financial statements of a corporation. Additionally, the financial controller also oversees other functions performed by the finance and accounting departments. These include but are not limited to budgeting, planning, cash flow management, maintenance of bank accounts, cost and inventory accounting and so on.

To perform all these responsibilities and more, a financial controller requires a lot of experience and professional qualifications. There are multiple paths to securing a position as a financial controller, but the following steps need to be followed for all of them.


How To Become An Operations Manager?

There are essentially two common paths to secure a job as an operations manager:

The first path involves joining the operations department at the entry level. Depending upon your academic qualifications, you should be able to join as a junior level executive or worker in the operations department. The second path is to move laterally from some other department. Not all departments will offer the same opportunities for lateral movements. It would depend upon the specifics of the role and how much of your experience matches the requirement of that role. 

Getting a lot of good experience on worthwhile projects and enhancing your domain knowledge would be the focus irrespective of which path is chosen. Follow our articles to get a clearer idea of requirements.


How To Become A Procurement Manager?

The role of a procurement manager can differ considerably between companies and sectors. For most companies, a business degree would be preferable and enough. Whereas other companies, which have complex supply and production chains, an engineering degree might instead be mandated. Candidates should decide beforehand what their goals are and apply to companies which match their interests and qualifications. Here is a simple 5 step guide to help you get started.


How To Become A Finance Manager?

If you’re someone who is naturally good at numbers, then becoming a finance manager might be easier than you think. Finance managers spend most of their time crunching numbers, analysing numerical data, fiddling with Excel sheets, making charts, graphs and pie tables, etc. All of this requires a high level of numerical proficiency and a very keen eye for detail. However, if you’re someone who possesses all these skills or has the means to acquire them then you should indeed be considering a career as a finance manager.

Finance managers handle all money related aspects of the company’s operations. It is a role where mistakes can be costly, but it is also a role with an unprecedented number of learning opportunities and career growth prospects. So how does one go about starting their careers in financial management?


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