Data Analytics Manager CV, Template & Examples

How To Build the Best Data Analytics Manager CV

Humanity generates an amazing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Someone must lead the teams that spread information from that data. The senior leadership figures that handle data need to be calm in the face of walls of information. They also need to be aware of the data’s importance. They must be skilled. They will share data findings with stakeholders, business leaders, and the wider public. This includes non-data professionals.

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The CV must show that the manager understands data analysis, cleaning, and visualisation. It must also show an understanding of coding, programming, AI, and stack use. It must also show their leadership.

It also needs to display a mix of raw talent for data analysis. This should be balanced against business-critical, high-quality levels of communication and collaboration. It should show clear lines of experience and examples of using data to improve business decision-making and outcomes.

To make an effective CV, focus on your technical and industry skills. Also, highlight your natural leadership talents and your certifications.

Areas to focus on:

Technical and industry skill sets

By the time you’re applying for senior leadership data analyst roles, you should have built an impressive resume. It should show your skills and technical certifications.

Wherever possible, highlight these skills, especially:

  • Data visualisation
  • R
  • Python
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Machine Learning

Critical leadership skills:

  • High-level communications
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder management

Natural leadership

Your resume should focus on leadership, management, and taking responsibility. You and your team must deliver data understanding.

The data analytics role entails leading the collection of vital information. You must also communicate the findings from the data to other leaders and departments. If you work for a public company or charity, you must also communicate with a broad chain of command, including stakeholders and the board.

You must, therefore, clearly leverage your leadership qualities in your Data Analytics Manager CV.


A strong, extensive background in computer science sets a CV apart. Mathematical, statistical, and programming expertise are required.

Displaying certifications from L&D programmes such as CompTIA Data+ is another way of proving your data analysis skill set. Other analytics courses and boot camps can help your data analytics knowledge. You’ll gain certifications from them.

More certifications are also great. For example, Master’s programmes in business and computer science are good additions to a data analytics manager’s CV.

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