Data Analytics Manager Job Description and Profile

Data Analytics Manager Job Description and Profile

Data Analytics Managers are experienced data scientists, data architects, data engineers, or statisticians, who are able to apply their skills at executive manager level to improve business outcomes and align data findings with enterprise strategy, all with the aim of creating leverage over competitors, and improving services, to users or customers.

This mix of supervisory experience and boot-camp data analysis-savvy is what creates the perfect data analytics manager: a leadership figure who can understand, and present, business critical information derived from often complex and fast moving data to help meet both short and long term goals.

Here are some of the main job responsibilities for a Data Analytics Manager

Cross functional management

Data Analysts have to be fastidious communicators, who can operate in the middle of the data scrum whilst still providing clear instructions to stakeholders, wider management figures and the rest of the enterprise.

Using data modelling and analysis you will discover new business-worthy insights to help guide business outcomes.

You will also, in larger companies, need to manage your own department of data analysts, which means significant parts of the role will be personnel management, iterative learning practices, L&D and staff training, and setting goals and feedback for team members.

Obsession with optimisation

Data analysis managers need to be hyper-focused on optimisation: this is done through business analysis and assessment, determining accuracy of data, comprehensive reporting, and visualisation, and monitoring how the reporting and understanding of data works towards improving processes.


Data management serves a purpose, and much of that is anticipating future demands on solutions garnered from data, and the processes which built them, including HR and workforce, tools, data engineering, and budgetary pressures.

The end result, of course, is the successful completion of data insight initiatives, and the improvement of company services or user products. This also has to embody holistic management strategies, making sure any data analyst team underneath you is engaged and effective with and in their labour, where they understand the necessity of their skill set and how their hard work impacts the team.

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