Internal Auditor CV, Template & Examples

Internal Auditor CV, Template & Examples

Step 1 Focus on Both Your Professional Qualifications and Skills

For an internal audit role, you need to focus on your professional qualifications, skills, and prior work experience. Internal audit is a role that requires attention to detail and expertise in the function that you are auditing. Therefore, it is imperative to highlight these skills in whatever way or form you can. For example, you could talk about how you detected a loophole or identified a risk not spotted by others previously.

Step 2 Tailor Your CV Around Job Requirements

Internal audit is a broad function with professionals working everywhere, from banks to manufacturing companies and governments. You also cover various tasks like accounting, business operations, and compliance. So to apply to all these different roles, you may need to build multiple versions of your CV.

For example, if you’re applying to an internal audit role focusing on auditing business processes, you should tailor your CV to that requirement. You don’t need to make a different CV for each job you apply to, but you can have a few different versions better suited for specific groups. Remember that you are not putting anything untrue on your CV but rather focusing more on particular aspects that are more relevant to specific roles.

Step 3 Quantify Job Achievements

Objectively quantifiable achievements always draw more attention than subjective statements. It can be difficult in an internal audit role where you won’t always be able to put an exact value on what you achieved, but you should try to incorporate such numbers as much as possible.

For example, rather than stating that your job was to participate in operational risk audits, you should also say the outcome of that activity.

Step 4 Showcase End-to-End Task Management

It is also generally a good idea to showcase projects or assignments where you take ownership of the task from beginning to end. Internal audit projects can be complex, and most managers prefer employees who can perform as much of the job themselves without constant supervision. Internal audits this is especially true, and employees with such skills can significantly enhance their chances of being on a CV shortlist.

Step 5 Be Sure To Flag Up Big Data and Data Analytics Certifications

Focus on any advanced technical skills or data analytics courses you have taken. It might be a good idea to enhance your CV with a few classes or online certifications around big data, data analytics or other relevant courses in the roles for which you’re applying. Audit, like most business functions, is becoming increasingly data-driven, and such skills included on any CV can mean the difference between getting a shortlist or not.

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