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Crafting a CV that shows your credentials for an internal control role can be a challenge. The position is complex and high-pressure. This is especially true for public, charitable, or governmental organisations. They must adhere to the strict, open standards that auditors have established.

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Your duties as a senior finance manager (in accounting, tax, auditing, or operations) are much like those of an internal controller. You are the standard of standards and the lighthouse in the compliance fog. Showing you’d succeed in this role comes down to how well you can display your proximity to the main parts of the job.

Internal controls are ubiquitous; they have to be. We’ve mentioned in other blogs about internal controls. Almost all senior stakeholders, board members, and finance pros have to know their company’s rules. These include legal and company-wide rules. So, how can you show that you are best suited to take on the sole job of internal controls?

A job as an internal controller represents a step up for those aiming for a career in auditing, risk management, or finance law. Your CV needs many specific and proven examples. It should show your passion for hard work, your natural liking for detail, and your great communication skills. If possible, it should also show your connection to and appreciation of its vital role in finance. This is where your CV has to shine.

Areas To Focus On

Diligence and Detail

  • Detail is crucial; it’s the foundation of your job as an internal controller. The value of internal controls comes from attention to detail and following rules. This involves evaluating control systems. It also includes teaching staff the details of data handling and rules. This is true for any enterprise.
  • Your CV must show clear examples of how your attention to detail is infallible. Show project management, training, and audit management models with defined goals you met.

Stakeholder and Management Communications

  • Internal controls are, generally speaking, senior stakeholders in the financial milieu. You work with COOs and auditors to fix internal structures and management. You take the lead in adding legal and regulatory changes where needed.
  • A large part of your role as the internal controller is communication. You must be able to directly address your needs and teach your teams. You must also adapt your requirements to fit anyone, from senior leadership to the most recent intern.
  • Your CV needs examples. They should show how you’ve crossed departments. You’ve worked with other teams and with senior financial managers in a team-facing role.


  • Internal controls are often the first barrier to financial and compliance protection. You are in charge of every internal system. You manage their monitoring and adaptation to meet the changing threats to data, money, or investments.
  • So, your CV must be as informative as possible. It should cover these critical security structures and your understanding of them.

Systemic Improvements

  • Your CV will stand out. You can do this by describing improvements that affect whole systems, workforces, or businesses. It depends on how you do it.
  • You should give examples that aren’t too outstanding. Employers are examining your attention to detail and compliance. There’s no need to be overly inventive.
  • These improvements, after all, are what a new employer will pay you for.

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