Internal Controls Manager and Analyst Qualifications & Skills

Internal Controls Manager and Analyst Qualifications & Skills

Crafting a CV that shows your credentials for an internal controls role can be a challenge: the role is multifaceted and incredibly high pressure, especially for public, charity or governmental organisations which are held to specific (and public) standards within eyesight of auditors.

Many of the responsibilities you have as a senior finance manager (be it in accounting, tax, auditing or operations) parallel that of an internal controller – you are the standard bearer of standards, the lighthouse in the compliance fog, and communicating why you would be a  success in this role comes down to how effectively you can communicate your professional proximity to the main facets of the job.

Internal controls are ubiquitous – they have to be. As we’ve mentioned in other internal controls blogs almost every senior stakeholder/board member/finance professional has to be aware of the legal and company-wide “controls” present in their enterprise anyway, so how can you represent yourself as best suited to take on the sole responsibility of internal controls?

A job as internal controller represents a step up for those who are aiming towards a career in auditing, risk management or finance law. As such, your CV has to be replete with specific and proven examples of your passion for diligence, your natural predilection to detail and your great communication skills – and, if possible, your connection to and appreciation of the vital role it plays in the finance landscape. This is where your CV has to shine.

Areas to focus on

Diligence and Detail

  • Detail is more than crucial – it’s the very foundation of your job as internal controller. From evaluation of internal control systems to teaching staff members the intricacies of data collection, access and guidelines, the true value of internal controls is built on attention to detail and a fastidious application of regulations throughout any enterprise.
  • Your CV has to show very clear examples of how your attention to detail is infallible. If possible, show examples of project management/training/audit management with defined goals that you met.

Stakeholder and Management Communications

  • Internal controls are, generally speaking, senior stakeholders in the financial milieu. You work alongside COO’s and auditors in perfecting internal structures and controls and take the lead on importing legal and regulatory changes where appropriate.
  • A large part of your role as internal controller is communication – from senior leadership to the most recent intern you have to be able to directly and clearly direct your needs, teach your teams, and adapt your requirements to fit any
  • Your CV then has to have examples of how you’ve crossed departmental lines, worked with other teams, or worked alongside senior financial management in a team-facing capacity.


  • Internal controls are often the first barrier of financial and compliance protection – every internal system, how they are monitored and how they adapt to meet the changing nature of threats to data, money or investments is your domain.
  • Therefore your CV has to be as informative as possible in regards to these critical security structures and your understanding of them.

Systemic improvements

  • Many of the above points are the nuts and bolts of internal controls – but the way you push your CV to top of the pile is by how effectively you communicate any systems-wide, personnel or business improvements you have been a part of.
  • This doesn’t have to be complex – prospective employers want to see the end result of your obsession with detail and compliance: so even if the examples are modest, include them. These improvements, after all, is what a new employer will pay you for.

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