Operations Manager CV, Template & Examples

Operations Manager CV, Template & Examples

Many job applicants usually have multiple versions of their CVs ready at any given time. This strategy could help diverse roles, like operations managers. It does not mean the candidate needs to prepare different CVs. Instead, the highlighted and stressed points must be different. For example, suppose the candidate is applying to a role requiring leading a large team of professionals. In that case, it might make sense to dedicate more space on the CV to discussing leadership experiences. Also, highlight operational optimisation if the post requires it.

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While this is true for most job roles, it is indispensable for positions as diverse as operational management. Another thing to note is that applications for more technical functions requiring a lot of preplanning would benefit from highlighting any courses or certifications covering those aspects. At the same time, applications for roles that require the operations manager to be on the floor or in the field would benefit more from highlighting the on-the-ground work experience.

Examples of CV Points

Here are some illustrations of the kind of bullet points on an operations manager’s resume:


Leadership skills are hard to define numerically, but one strategy often used is to specify the number of direct or indirect reports. For example, instead of saying the operations manager led a team of executives, it might be better to show how many people were in the group. This often works better, even when only two or three individuals are in the apartment.


An operations manager has another chance to honestly demonstrate their influence on their departments. Efficiency metrics include reducing working capital. They also include decreasing error rates or defects and reducing risk in business processes. They also include more efficient workforce use.


Decreased errors or mishaps could show how well the operations manager contributes to safety. The development of the safety policy or other unique initiatives may come after this.


Again, a number represents the cost savings from operational upgrades. Rather than percentages, it would be more eye-catching to add a monetary value to the savings. More information on the particular steps that generated the protection is available.

These are just some examples. Candidates should choose a combination of these points based on the specific requirements of the role they’re applying to.

Use Your KPIs for Inspiration

A glance at your key performance indicators (KPIs) could be helpful if the prospect is still trying to understand them, but it can be on the CV. Many candidates use the numbers from their annual reviews on their CVs. No private information should be provided.

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