Procurement Manager CV, Template & Examples

Procurement Manager CV, Template & Examples

While building their CVs, procurement managers need to focus the most on objectively quantifiable achievements during their previous assignments. There are few roles where a numerical dollar value can be directly attributed to an employee, and procurement is one of them. Therefore, it is imperative for candidates applying to procurement roles to mention these figures. Here are some examples of what this could look like:

A new sourcing strategy

which saved the company EUR 10 million in input costs. This could be the headline followed by specifics of how this was achieved. The headline should be followed by statements which highlight the employment of techniques and skillsets instrumental in achieving that result.

Reduction in supply chain risk

through the elimination of vendors with poor performance records, inadequate quality control or other issues. In this example, the reduction in faulty component received from the vendors can be measured objectively and highlighted.

Another very usable area to focus on could be inventory management.

For example, stating that a new sourcing strategy reduced the working capital cycle by X days due to a reduction in idle inventory.

The renegotiation of an existing contract with the vendor

which led to a favourable outcome – like better payment terms, for example. The exact specifics of these favourable terms could then be mentioned with the focus being to highlight domain expertise and negotiation skills.

These are just some of the many possible objectively quantifiable bullet points that should form the bulk of a CV designed for a procurement department role. Highlighting or bolding the numbers is a good way to catch attention and get a conversation going. This way the candidate can steer the conversation towards projects that they have previously executed and have a very good grasp on.

Strategic considerations

For more senior-level roles in the procurement department, it would also be a good idea to focus on the strategic aspects of the job. For example, the adoption of new principles and philosophies to operational, inventory or supply chain management. These projects are usually considered strategic in nature and implementing them is considered part of change management. Such projects can massively alter the day-to-day operations of the impacted departments and potentially lead to equally massive payoffs.

The candidate’s CV can also talk about strategic partnerships or new relationships built with vendors. For example, the implementation of a host to host supply chain management system with a key vendor that reduces costs as well as the potential for disruptions. Another example could be the implementation of various quality control strategies in-house or even for key vendors. Again, the idea here is to get the message across that the candidate is fully qualified to handle day-to-day operations while also possessing the skills necessary for strategic projects.

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