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Tax Accountants are highly regarded, business-critical financial professionals and as such command a competitive salary no matter the region they work in.

As the financial powerhouse of Europe, Germany sits at the top of EU pay scales for Tax Accountants, with the Netherlands and the UK sitting behind them. As London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt all dominate Europe-wide investment, startup curation and enterprise placement, they dominate the Tax Accountancy world too.

Business centrality

Tax Accountants are the not-so-secret secret weapons of a finance team and wider business.

This isn’t just down to their hard work and eagle-eyed visionary application of skills to tax reporting and payment. It’s also their position as tax advisors and planners that make all the difference.

Tax Accountants are judged on not only their ability to adhere to tax law and payment schedules, but to help wider finance teams and business leaders navigate the future of tax too, helping them prepare for legal changes, tax payment commitments and reporting for audits. This means that far from silent accounting partners in the overall financial matrix of a company, Tax Accountants sit at the centre of financial planning, advice and diligence.

Job and Career Growth

It takes a certain sort of financial talent to be a good Tax Accountant. The pathways into accountancy are riddled with challenges, but working in – and the training required to be successful within the Tax arm of any business – takes it up a notch.

However, because Tax Accountants need to have a good understanding of tax law, business tax management and auditing – responsibilities which straddle Tax Accounting and wider tax planning – means the doors to financial opportunities are wide open.

Tax Accounting training – and the knowledge base that comes with understanding tax law and compliance – provides exactly the sort of baseline skillset to work in any number of roles, from global auditors and advisory enterprises to in-house; from board-level within charities to working within public service and governmental bodies, not to mention in banking and the financial start-up sector. There is a rich vein of employment opportunity within Tax Accounting and beyond!

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