Treasurer Job Description and Profile

Treasurer job description and profile

The confident, specialist and mature financial stewardship that sits at the core of a Treasurer’s day to day is fuelled by experience, a passion for leadership and unparalleled monetary diligence.

Treasurers are liquidity caretakers, responsible for cash flow, credit, investments, debt and asset management, with an overarching responsibility for stability. As mentioned in our Qualifications and Skills Page for Treasurer, successful Treasurers have to be highly communicative, obsessed with detail and financially knowledgeable enough to manage cash flow within any company. Treasurers are, in some format and to varying degrees, present in every company, and play a central role in financial management and strategic business decision-making.

Here are some of the main job responsibilities for a Treasurer

Strategic planning

From forecasting to preparing fiscal business plans, reports and portfolio management, a Treasurer is a vital senior financial partner in the strategic leadership of a company.

Second to these responsibilities, but no less important, is the analytical nature of the role with regards to mergers and acquisitions, pensions and investments. Treasurers will provide objective leadership and be a critical business decision-maker in the direction of a company’s financial future.

Financial reporting

Treasurers sit at the right hand of CEOs and CFOs, providing guidance, analysis and detailed assessments of fiscal and cash flow health and sound, and up to date, data for senior leaders. A major element to this is effective communication, and the humble report is where Treasurers make all the difference, creating methodical, communicative and relevant financial maps for other senior stakeholders to follow.

Risk and tax management

From financial reports to auditing, Treasurers are valued leaders in making sure any enterprise is prepared and best positioned to respond to industry changes, legal changes, fiscal shifts, or sudden, and unpredictable, global changes to financial health.

Tax management covers everything from meeting short and long term cash flow needs, to adjusting capital structure, transactions, and tax responsibilities.

Overview and operational 

Treasurers are financial overseers, and as such provide director level operational advice to any enterprise’s board. This can be private or charity, or to public service directors within governmental or community funding vehicles or councils. Advice can be in the form of auditing, financial initiatives, legal matters, investments, compliance and consolidation.

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