Are You The Best #RenaixRealRecruiter? Meet Mahir...


Meet Mahir… 60 seconds with a member of the finest recruitment team in London. Meet Mahir…

* What’s your name, and who do you recruit (and where if appropriate)? Mahir El, recruiting mainly auditors internationally

* Do you have any other responsibilities in the Company? Back-office

* What’s your favourite part of being a Recruiter at Renaix? Colleagues and having a nice chat with my candidates

* What’s the funniest/ strangest/ most uplifting thing that has happened to you at Renaix? Literally, every day is great fun in the office with colleagues!

* What’s the highest mountain/hill/building you have climbed? Zugspitze. Germany

* What’s your favourite album ever?  X – J. Balvin’

* If you weren’t a Recruiter, what would you do? Testing gourmet restaurants

* What do you like to do in your spare time? Eating a lot, traveling and sports

* Tea or coffee? Tea

* Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

* Dancing or singing? Dancing

* Text or talk? Text

* What’s your favourite biscuit and most importantly, do you dunk? Pan di Stelle – oh yes!

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Our Renaix Guide to Recruitment for Audit and Finance Professionals provides information on trends in the industry.

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