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Renaix is committed to helping our clients and candidates stay up to date with the latest trends in the finance and accounting industry. Here you can find all our recent research reports and white papers:

Renaix Guide to IT Audit and Cyber Security

Digital threats to corporations, governments, and individuals are at the highest level ever. Cybersecurity is not just dominating the headlines but conversations in boardrooms as well. A data leak or similar attack poses massive financial, reputational, and legal risks for companies. Smaller companies are even more vulnerable, as they might not have dedicated people or resources to combat hackers actively attempting to target them.  Download your free copy of the report here

Renaix Guide To Gender Inclusion and Cultural Diversity in Finance

The modern workplace is undoubtedly a more diverse environment. We see greater participation from a broader society, with race, age, gender, skills, and education being part of the workforce. However, diversity does not end here. Almost all major corporations in the world have programmes promoting diversity and inclusion. How can cultural, ethnic, or gender diversity help boost the financial performance of businesses? Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Finance and Accounting Regulations

Regulations have become as commonplace to the finance industry as bread to a duck pond since the banking collapse of 2008 and 2009. The question is, then, is the finance industry suffering from having too much of a good thing? From Basel III and EMIR to Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, regulations come in many forms as those governing bodies force banks to hold more capital and inch up the capital they are required to place behind their businesses. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Governance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Controls

Each year creates a new record regarding corporate costs associated with government and industry regulatory compliance. Some of these costs are unavoidable; they are just business costs. However, a significant portion of the expenses stems from less-than-ideal management of specific areas, directly related to inadequate training and a lack of awareness of risks, laws, and compliance. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Finance Careers, Salaries and Benefits

Unemployment rates are historically low because the workforce adapted to the changing requirements of the economy, and workers learned new, essential skills to replace old, redundant ones. What can those in the broader finance and accounting fields expect about careers, salaries, benefits, and beyond? There are a few unmistakable trends, such as big data, technology systems, regulatory functions, the need to be in a growing industry, and key soft skills. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Big Data, Analytics, and Fintech

Finance professionals spend much time with the planning, budgeting, and forecasting (PBF) process. It is an important aspect of business planning since it provides management with measurable goals and targets and offers a broad outline of how to achieve those goals. The CFO and the finance department in some organisations can drive business with active and aggressive planning and budgeting processes. Given the importance of the PBF process to modern-day organisations, it is not surprising that a significant number of resources are devoted to it. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Finance Skills & Qualifications

Your career trajectory and success in finance and accounting depend on your skills and qualifications. When you start, you need to complete the relevant courses and have the right industry certificates on your CV to show that you understand the core technical elements of the industry. But, from then on, you never stop learning by building up your CPD (continuous professional development) hours and nurturing the on-the-job skills that will help you move up the ladder. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Future of Finance Report

Finance and accounting are transitioning, with technology, regulation, and globalisation driving new ways of working and demanding new skills. Companies must start articulating their vision for finance and accounting in earnest. As a finance professional, you must align with that vision and have the flexibility to change along with the requirements of your role. Our Future of Finance Report provides an overview of the views of professionals around the world on how these changes affect them, their teams, and their organisations. Download your free copy of the report here.

Renaix Guide to Recruitment for Audit and Finance Professionals

Moving to a new role is a big decision, particularly if you want to relocate internationally. It’s an investment of time and effort, which means it’s important to get it right. From assessing your options to drafting your CV, going for an interview, and completing any assessments, there are various hurdles to overcome. That’s why we’ve compiled this indispensable recruitment guide to provide advice and guidance every step of the way. Download your free copy of the report here.

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