Compliance Manager Salary and Pay

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Compliance managers receive varying compensation throughout Europe. In Italy, it starts at €46,000, while in Holland, it reaches €62,000 and higher. Compliance officers and managers come from the financial and legal fields. Their pay is like that of other supervisors in those fields, such as accounting or risk management.

Compliance is expansive. The opportunity is always there. As the world escapes the pandemic and markets recover, demand for compliance managers will rise. This will further the opportunity to raise salaries.

Holland and the UK are the top payers in the compliance market. Germany comes next. This matches where the top financial centres of the European financial market are. They are in London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

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Job and Career Growth

Compliance managers sit at the junction of service, audit, and risk. They provide the legal and compliance scaffolding. This scaffolding creates diligent and rule-following cultures within financial institutions.

As such, compliance-trained professionals have many opportunities. They can explore risk management, business operations, and more.

Yet, a segue into finance or law is the most popular career move, both into and out of compliance-specific managerial roles. Those two fields are where compliance most naturally aligns and where responsibilities collide. Respected compliance managers will show all the hallmarks of a diligent, ethical professional. They will have a strong appreciation for financial law.

This advances a career beyond finance if candidates wish. A compliance manager’s duties also include corporate operations and finance. They cover audits and senior risk in tech. They are seeking new opportunities.

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