Accountant CV, Template & Examples

CV building tips for accountant roles

Accountants need to spend a major portion of their CV talking about their technical skills. While a lot of professionals spend time talking about soft skills, the primary focus should be on the technical capabilities that are necessary for an accountant to perform his or her day-to-day responsibilities.

It can be often hard to demonstrate these technical skills just by mentioning or listing them. The solution to that problem is to list actual examples where these skills have been demonstrated by the candidate. This could be previous work experience or even college projects or activities where these skills were demonstrably in use.

Areas to focus on

Bookkeeping – This is the bread and butter for accountants. Maintaining the books of account and the financial statements is the primary responsibility of accountants. Although this might not seem like a terribly exciting bullet point to include on your CV, demonstrating your expertise here is essential for being considered for an accountant position.

It can be tricky to demonstrate your skill in bookkeeping as there are no figures that can be easily quoted. Therefore, it becomes a matter of mentioning subjective skill sets and demonstrating your proficiency with them. For example, talking about the experience with specific accounting software might be a good idea. However, if you can include any hard numbers that can be quoted on your CV, that would always go a long way.

Corporate reporting

Accountants are expected to produce high-quality reports for management as well as other stakeholders. Demonstrate on your CV all the experience that you have with corporate reporting.


A few bullet points about your knowledge and experience in dealing with tax laws and issues might prove to be truly beneficial. Tax laws can be complex and accountants with a good understanding of these laws would prove to be valuable assets for any company.

Experience with governance, risk, and control issues

Any experience that you have covering these areas would also deserve a spot in your CV. This is especially important for mid or senior level roles where professionals transition from an operational routine to leadership issues like governance and control.

Demonstrate diligence

The key thing to keep in mind for accounting roles is that accountants are expected to perform their jobs flawlessly without making any mistakes, which can prove costly. Therefore, it might make sense to stress qualities like intelligence, thoroughness, attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure on your CV. Rather than just listing all these skills outright, it might be better to talk about projects or activities where the candidate demonstrated these skills.

For example, a candidate can mention that they were responsible for generating 5 reports each month and have never missed a deadline to deliver any of them. As another example, a candidate can talk about how they implemented a new software solution for accounting that led to a reduction in errors, an increase in productivity by 10% and made certain records available in real-time to all stakeholders.

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