Business Analyst CV, Template and Examples

Business Analyst CV, Template and Examples

Business analysts thoroughly examine and numerically evaluate business processes, functions, departments, and other related activities. To get an edge over other applicants, candidates must demonstrate superior analytical skills, a deeper understanding of business processes, and preferably some relevant work experiences that practically demonstrate the candidates’ proficiency with the role.

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Here Are the Various Areas That You Need To Focus on for Your CV:

Work Experience

This component is the most important for most prospective business analysts. First-timers and interns will need to focus on other areas, but anyone with even a year or two of experience must ensure that this section thoroughly demonstrates what they have achieved.

Focus as much as possible on objectively clear achievements. For example, if your efforts led to an increase in quality testing accuracy by x% or a reduction in procurement costs by y%, that needs to be on your CV. Domain-specific experience will also be valued.

How much space is devoted to this section depends on your work experience. With only a few years, this section can be moderately sized. But for someone with several years of BA experience, this section should be front and centre and take up most of the space, even at the cost of other areas of your CV.

Academic Qualifications and Certifications

Certifications add value to your CV and make it easier or less risky for the recruiter to select you over another candidate who lacks them. Recognisably accredited means that the candidate has met the bare minimum requirements for the role. Additionally, it demonstrates that the candidate is genuinely interested and committed to the field, having spent perhaps hundreds of hours to meet the requirements for the certification.

Academic qualifications are more of a qualifier than a distinguisher. A bachelor’s degree is almost always required, and a master’s degree, especially in business, will add additional value. But other technical courses can help as well. Any specific projects that relate to the role might also be worth adding. This section is essential for fresh graduates, as their work experience section might be lacking.

Technical Skills

The following article on qualifications explains the skills needed for a business analyst role in detail. Technical skills include analytical abilities, modelling experience, numeracy, and domain-specific experience. This section provides an excellent opportunity for people shifting from non-BA roles to demonstrate their ability to excel in BA roles. You may achieve this by showing how your skill set and potential employers coincide.

Soft Skills

Soft skills include communication, presentation and the ability to gather information from others. These skills can make the difference between a good business analyst and a great one. A great BA can liaise with other departments, formally or informally, and get the insights necessary for them to perform their job optimally, including any team projects or cross-departmental initiatives that you participated in and excelled at on your CV.

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