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Data Analytics Managers are in high demand and short supply, so their salary brackets are competitive, attractive, and consistently high-paying across the continent.

The Netherlands sits at the top of the pay scale table, with the UK close behind. Amsterdam and London are attractive places to work and draw for global talent, as with other specialist job roles in high-demand industries such as tech, healthcare, finance and logistics. With most European countries paying upwards of €55,000 per annum, a job as a Data Analytics Manager is the perfect career path to walk for natural leaders with a tech skill set focus.

Leadership Credentials

A significant differentiator in Data Analytics Manager salary offers will come down to experience within leadership teams. The ability of a Data Analysis Manager to glean business improvement information from big data whilst leading a team of Data Analysts is central to the role, but equally as important is the ability to communicate those findings and make impactful change, both within steering committees and at the senior enterprise level.

These leadership credentials – focus, diligence, business relevance and personnel management – echo the requirements of other niche management roles in industries such as tech and finance. You need to be fully aware of the often painstaking, detail-rich workloads of data analysis and concise in-reporting of those findings to non-data analysis stakeholders.

Candidates need to balance the digital (ample data analysis skills and awareness of trends in the industry) with the physical (hands-on team management, stakeholder reporting, and communication of complex data into digestible information for senior management) to be successful in this role.

Job and Career Growth

Data analysis jobs are a gateway into one of the most vibrant and in-demand industries. Becoming a Data Analytics Manager takes years of understanding how data can drive efficiencies and business improvement and open up new windows of opportunities in new industries. Big data is the future, and data analysis is necessary across departments, industries, and nations.

Almost every industry needs data analysis. Whilst a career path into one of the Big 4 auditing firms is well-trodden by computer science, maths or science graduates, this is less so, especially in emerging industries such as tech and within the start-up sector.

Companies within retail, government, public health, sport, and marketing, across in-house and agency sectors need skilled data analysts and the people to lead them. This is why a career as a Data Analytics Manager is the right choice for a fastidious data professional who can leverage their leadership skills towards wholesale improvement, digital transformation and better outcomes.

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