Finance Manager CV, Template and Examples

Finance Manager CV Template & Examples.

Finance managers need to demonstrate a number of high-level technical proficiency skills on their CVs. The role of a finance manager includes a very diverse set of tasks including things like – scenario testing, number crunching, making projections, sending out daily reports, handling IPOs or bond issues, managing payrolls, etc. over the course of their careers.

There are essentially two broad philosophies when approaching CV building for finance roles. The first strategy is to build a general CV that is suited for general finance roles in small or medium companies. This CV demonstrates a little bit of expertise in most finance-related tasks and is obviously best suited for applying to companies where the role also requires the finance manager to be a generalist.

The second strategy is to focus on a particular niche within finance and to build your CV to target those specific roles. The strategy increases the probability of a candidate being selected for that specific role as the candidate’s entire CV and work experience is targeted towards that one role. However, the obvious downside is that such specialised roles are not as common as general finance roles.

CVs for general finance roles

If the candidate is applying for a finance manager job that has a broad range of responsibilities, it might be a good idea to dedicate some CV space to cover all or most of those tasks. This would generally include things like budgeting, reporting, cash flow management, treasury management, and maybe team management skills if it is a leadership position.

The idea here is to display one’s ability to handle most tasks that are expected to be encountered on a daily basis. Demonstrating objective achievements would still be a priority. For example, the candidate could mention their role in managing a corporate budget of EUR 50 million or perhaps how their price analysis led to an increase in profitability by 3%, etc.

CV’s for specific finance roles

These CVs are designed for very specific roles within the finance department. The advantage here is that the CV focuses on the exact skill requirements that are necessary for that particular role which increases the chances for a shortlist or interview call.

For example, if the candidate specialises in operational finance then the CV should be designed in a way that exemplifies their operational finance experience. Talking about things like operational efficiency, better inventory management, etc. might make sense here.

Additionally, the candidate should also focus on academic qualifications, courses, certifications for that specific specialisation within finance. For example, if the candidate specialises in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), then any courses which relate to FP&A should be highlighted.

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