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(Note: Please note that salaries can differ significantly based on industry, experience, and company policies. The above figures are based on estimates taken from glassdoor.co.uk).

As with accountancy roles, there are variances in salary bandings for FP&A Analysts. As with many roles within entry and mid level finance, these variances can be caused by location, seniority, portfolio and company size. However, according to Glassdoor the average FP&A salary is slightly higher than that of an accountant, as there are less entry-level roles (due to the slightly more specialist nature of the role) and more cross-industry compatibility within the role.

Most European countries pay between €30,000 and €50,000 per annum as a base rate salary for an FP&A Analyst. This will tend towards the higher end of the bracket in centres of commercial and financial business such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt, and also in larger companies, such as the Big 4 auditors. However, it’s worth noting also that due to FP&As having a considerable role in mapping business development and financial planning, the wider investment and commercial industry offer attractive career options for a diligent financial analyst, and so the competitive salary on offer could fluctuate more, depending on the industry.

Location vs commercial centres

FP&A professionals need to understand the critical role they play in the financial health of any company they work for. Like almost every role in finance, location plays a huge part in establishing competitive salaries. However, as mentioned above, FP&As are in high demand across a wide range of industries. The commerciality of the role – and the unique positions FP&As have in the financial and managerial strata within enterprises – means location and commerciality can, in some aspects, be at loggerheads: commercial centres of power, influence and jobs are not necessarily the same as the financial centres of power. This means that outlier cities, or areas within cities, may be attractive to FP&As looking for new opportunities. However, with less upward pressure on salaries, salaries could be lower in less competitive areas.

Job and career growth

The multiple paths of career growth for FP&As means executive salary packages can also vary. The potential to earn €100,000+ is very high when FP&A Analysts traverse into managerial roles, similar to other paths within finance. Much like accountants, having formal qualifications will drive this salary advancement, however strategic, operational and managerial training and experience will stand you in great stead.

FP&A Analysts have a plethora of options available once they are established as trusted operators in their field – from Operations Management and Directorships, to Commercial Sales, Finance Management or Investments, the range of opportunity available dwarfs that of other finance roles. Those roles do require specialist training and experience tailored to whatever specific field they choose to work in, but the baseline risk assessment and financial planning knowledge found in an FP&A Analyst role means you’re well set for a long, exciting career in almost any line of finance.

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