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How To Build the Best IT Auditor CV

It is impossible to emphasise the significance of an IT auditor in today’s digitally dependent world. Vulnerabilities are rising due to rapid digitisation. The growth of edge computing in the IoT and the importance of digital operations make IT auditors the first line. They are also the leaders of internal digital controls and security.

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IT auditors are also key to creating enterprise-wide IT literacy. They help the board understand IT integrity, funding, and support. Thus, IT auditors must make the most concise representation of their multifaceted role on their CV.

Their role often includes leading operations, training, and compliance. It also includes leading at the board level and in network security. An IT auditor’s CV can quickly become a mix of skills, experiences, and examples.

So, our recommendation is to focus on the basics of the position. These are how you evaluate a business’s IT, ensure that procedures and systems work well, and follow legal requirements.

Other Areas To Focus On


Two primary certifications are considered high-value for IT auditors:

  • It is for experienced IS and IT auditors or candidates with strong IT security knowledge. The certificate is issued by ISACA and is recognised worldwide.
  • It is a certification for Certified Information Security Managers. It is based on the design, implementation, and integration of IS systems. ISACA provides the certification. Ideal for professionals with experience in IS design and security management.

While these certifications are optional, seeking an official certification of your role is wise. If you have developed into the position without credentials, highlight the below skills and experience.

History of Testing and Compliance

IT auditors should know compliance. They should also know data processing. They should know about system development. They should know IT architecture, server controls, and stress-testing IT systems. They should also know how to set up strong internal controls. They must also report and communicate issues within IT systems quickly and accurately. Thus, find some way of including as much of the above as possible in an IT audit CV.

Integrity vs Security

The role of an IT auditor means focusing both on internal IT controls and the integrity of systems from external wrongdoing. It requires auditors with experience in technical innovation processes and comparing competitors. They also need solid expertise in cybersecurity, L&D, and system vulnerabilities.

The Importance of Communicating Data

Data analysis will sit at the heart of any role in IT controls, security, and support. But, IT auditors with clear communication skills are highly valued.

The audit results must still be shared with non-IT stakeholders. They often need them in plain, sometimes simple, language. You can add this to your CV by highlighting examples of learning across many departments. Or, by showing how you uniquely made company-wide audit reports.

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