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Across the continent, the remuneration of IT Auditors parallels that of accountants or FP&A Analysts – there is scope for advancement and a specialist salary ladder to climb. However, uniquely to IT Audit, the salaries are competitive enough to attract financial and tech talent.

Whilst the financial and tech centres of talent such as London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam will inevitably draw higher salaries and more competitive packages, hybrid workforces and a more recognised demand for decentralised workflows have put pressure on employers to continue to meet competitive salary rates while diversifying and widening their job offers. However, as discussed below, fully remote Auditor roles are almost impossible.

Most European countries pay between €30,000 and €50,000 per annum as the base rate salary for an IT Auditor, with only the UK paying above-average rates. However, due to the specialist scope of the role, which necessitates a knowledge of HR, training, internal controls and IT systems and platforms, an IT Auditor career offers enormous opportunities for rapid salary growth both inside and outside the audit sector.

Location vs Commercial Auditing Centres

Traditional auditing is known for its subtle yet consistent in-person presence, taking stock of systems, internal control outcomes, and communication and proximity to management and decision-making. However, COVID-19 shifted much of the onus of auditing to remote working (as much as possible), and the future of auditing will, to some degree, remain hybrid. Much like financial auditing, IT auditing is in high demand, significantly, as the digital world expands and digital vulnerabilities proliferate. While it’s wise for recruiters and HR teams in the IT Audit sector to spread their net as wide as possible to create a more inclusive culture of IT Audit hiring, in-person network analysis, L&D, training, and consultancy within IT Auditing will always need in-person training.

Location, in this regard, will play a massive role in who you will work with and where you will work.

Job and Career Growth

When senior roles with IT Auditing can push salaries upward of €60,000 p.a., the opportunity for growth exponentially rises with each new audit completed. Beyond a CISA and CISM qualification, an Associate position at one of the Big 4 provides a pathway for an IT Auditor to move into senior and managerial positions.

Due to the talent shortage in the IT audit industry, careers outside of the Big 4 and in the commercial sectors are practically guaranteed. A career as a systems engineer, IT technician, or network engineer is another entry point into IT auditing that provides the necessary experience to open doors. Commercial sectors such as the information security, cyber security, technology risk and assurance industries should be considered attractive propositions.

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