Managing Director CV, Template & Examples

CV building tips for managing director roles

Being a managing director is a position of leadership and your CV should be designed around that fact. Displaying leadership on a piece of paper is a rather tricky proposition. It is not as easy as simply stating that you achieved 150% of your targets or that you executed some project successfully. It has to be a combination of dozens of factors which need to be presented in a subtle way to convince the decision-makers of your leadership skills and business acumen.

Quality matters but so does the quantity

The most obvious difference between the CV of a managing director (or other senior positions) on the one hand and mid-level executives on the other, is the length of the CV. In most cases, it is advisable to keep the CV restricted to a single page. However, for a managing director position where the experience requirement could be anything from 15 to 30 years, the CV is usually several pages long. And each of those pages must have very precise information which highlights all the skills necessary.

Another important consideration while working on your CV is that each CV received for a managing director position would usually be thoroughly vetted. This is unlike the situation for other roles where the recruiter on average spends just seven seconds glancing through a single CV. So, while the candidate only has seven seconds to grab the recruiter’s attention in other cases, this whole game changes for senior roles like managing director. At this level, only a few serious CVs are received and each of them is scrutinised in detail. In addition to the CV, reference checks are usually made formally or informally via former colleagues, bosses, clients, direct reports and even competitors in some cases.

(Note: Please note that Cvs can differ significantly based on industry, experience, and company policies. The above figures are based on details taken from

Professionally made CVs

For senior-level positions, the CV is more than just a one-page summary of your achievements. It is like a dossier or a mini-proposal as to why the company should consider you for its topmost position. The CV should thus not only list all your skills, achievements and work experience, but detail them and provide information as to what skills were used or developed in the execution of those projects or job responsibilities.

Executives are normally advised to spend dozens of hours to build their CVs. By the time someone has enough experience to be considered for a managing director’s position, the CV should be a finely tuned and professionally made document. Many executives even avail the services of professional consulting firms specialise in polishing up CVs for top tier executives.

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