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Our recent survey on modern candidate job-search behaviour found that job seekers above 45, when looking for a new job, are 137% more likely to go to a recruitment agency or executive search company compared to younger generations. So for younger generations (both clients and candidates) who are not currently aware of their services, what exactly are the benefits of working with an external recruitment agency and executive search consultancy?

When a vacancy arises, the natural urge of many managers is to start immediately posting adverts on jobs boards or tapping up their network. For others, one of the first actions taken is to contact a recruitment firm rather than attempt direct sourcing. This is because these hiring managers know that recruitment agencies offer employers distinct advantages over direct-to-market hiring. These include the following:

Lightning-fast shortlists

Recruitment agencies tend to be the fastest when it comes to finding talent. This is because they are constantly building their searchable database of talented and active job seekers. This means that when companies contact an agency about a job offer in their company, there is a good chance that the agency will provide them with a shortlist of talented talents who are ready for interview immediately or within a very short time. Realistically, it could take two weeks or more for the company to get a direct sourcing shortlist.

Optimizing a company’s hiring process

Good recruitment agencies do much of the time-consuming management of hiring that HR managers can pull out of business when they are needed most. An agency can take care of the quality check and shortlist, checking of qualifications, answering applicants and organizing interviews. This gives companies the peace of mind that they are confident that the administrative part of the hiring process is being professionally managed in the background, so they can focus on the critical high-level tasks of evaluating and selecting talent and securing the signature on the dotted line.

Industry insights and benchmarking

HR consultants understand the market and know what candidates want. As a result, they can provide valuable advice on the types of salary levels and perks that will attract the talent companies need. For example, our recent Renaix survey showed that flexible working is the most important workplace benefit talented people are looking for. As specialist consultants, external recruiters can provide an insight into the market and help customers adapt their salary and benefit packages in such a way that the attractiveness for top talent is maximized. Executive Search Consultancies are a specialized branch of recruitment and can offer significant benefits to companies in any sector.

Find hidden talent

For starters, the recruitment consultancy services go well beyond that of a typical recruitment agency in that they perform a much deeper search and are able to reach passive talent. Passive candidates are talented specialists who work at Swiss Post, are not actively looking for work and therefore do not respond to job advertisements and do not actively register with agencies. Recruitment firms have the skills to find this passive talent (which is constantly overlooked by day-to-day hiring practices) and motivate them to speak to companies to work for them.

Absolute discretion

The share price, employee engagement, and customer confidence can all be affected by messages relating to changes in managerial or business-critical positions. Due to their culture and practice of absolute discretion, executive search consultancies can carry out politically sensitive search campaigns for companies calmly and effectively without this leading to market disruptions.

Can do the impossible and be successful where others fail

When a recruiting agency or direct procurement effort fails, who will companies call? A search advice. Their ability to search broader and deeper than recruitment agencies means that management consultancies can take on seemingly impossible tasks and search for the hardest-to-find skills and experience levels / types.

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