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Whether you’re a small or large corporation, finding top talent can be a challenge. Thousands of other companies across the globe are determined to attract the same highly talented candidates, with the skills and experience to give them the edge. When there is so much competition, it’s important to establish what motivates these professionals to choose one role over another—so you can offer something different. Here are some pointers on how to increase your odds of attracting (as well as retaining) the people you need on your team.

Creative perks

When attracting quality employees, one important factor is the additional benefits or perks that your business can offer. Money isn’t everything, and these can help to show the other ways you reward and support staff, which is a major deciding factor for talented candidates. For example, a flexible benefits plan is a must, enabling staff to customise perks to their needs and wants (for example, increased pensions, childcare vouchers, more holidays, etc.) and more easily find a balance between their work and personal lives. But if you truly want to blow candidates and employees away, consider offering something even more unique. That could be an annual company trip together or offering free or subsidised membership to a gym or spa. Giving fun entertainment or health incentives gives your employees the time to play, boosting morale and strengthening relationships among team members.

Workplace design and lifestyle

The atmosphere and culture you nurture can be a big selling point for potential hires. That includes the work-life balance you try to foster and how you help employees stay motivated, engaged, and productive in the office. Companies like Apple and Google have succeeded here by making their work environments inspiring and energising. And while you might not have the same kind of budget to play with, consider implementing some of the same principles, such as creative meeting and break-out areas, and spaces where employees can socialise.

Opportunities to progress

If you’re looking to hire impressive, career-focused candidates, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’ll be looking at how quickly they can progress while working for you. Employees like to know that there are opportunities to take on greater responsibility and move up within your company. It is therefore important to articulate the possibilities to potential employees, including the training available to help them develop their skills.


Flexibility is increasingly important to employees, as they strive to better manage their work and home lives. The opportunity to choose their hours or work from home can, therefore, be a major motivator for talented candidates, especially those with families. A healthier work-life balance means happier and healthier staff. And happier staff equals better, more productive work.

Cast your net wider

If you’re on the hunt for extraordinary candidates, then it pays to look beyond the usual in your search. That means not just relying on the usual job boards and websites, and instead, hiring a specialist recruitment consultancy to help you. That enables you to tap into their specialist network and find people you might not have access to normally. They will also help you manage the recruitment process and help handle negotiations.

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