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From market research, we have identified the key job roles that are most in demand. These pages will provide an unrivaled resource for searches related to the job roles with all the answers you need prior to applying.  Subjects include salary, job descriptions, job listings, qualifications, skills, benefits, and profile type questions such as "how to become a.."

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Our specialist recruitment areas include audit, compliance and internal controlsbanking and financial servicesITtax and legalgeneral management and executive search.

  • Internal Auditor CV, Template & Examples


    Step 1 Focus on both your professional qualifications and skills For an internal audit role, you need to focus both on your professional qualifications and skills as well as your prior work experience. Internal audit[...]

  • Internal Auditor Salary & Pay


    What is the salary for an internal auditor? (Note: Please note that salaries can differ significantly based on industry, experience and company policies. The above figures are based on estimates taken from and[...]

  • Internal Auditor Qualifications & Skills


    Internal auditor qualifications & skills Internal auditors contribute to the financial, operational, compliance, control and governance functions of the business. It is a role that requires a deeper understanding of how business and operational processes[...]

  • Internal Auditor Job Description & Profile


    Internal auditor job description & profile Internal auditors are responsible for ensuring that financial and non-financial assets of the firm are protected. A sustainable business needs to safeguard itself against reputational damage, operational losses, financial[...]

  • Finance Manager Job Description & Profile


    Finance manager job description & profile The finance department is responsible for handling every aspect of corporate financial management. Finance managers are mid or senior-level professionals who are responsible for all the financial activities of[...]

  • Business Analyst Job Description & Profile


    Job description for business analysts A Business Analyst’s (BA for short) role is to review, examine and evaluate various metrics related to a company’s various business activities. The areas of responsibilities are not restricted to[...]

  • Operations Manager CV, Template & Examples


    Operations manager CV, template & examples A lot of job applicants usually have multiple versions of their CV ready at any given point in time. This is a strategy that could prove useful for diverse[...]

  • Financial Controller CV, Template & Examples


    Financial controller CV, template & examples A financial controller is in a position of leadership. Although different companies have different structures, the financial controller is usually close to the very top of the finance and[...]

  • Procurement Manager CV, Template & Examples


    Procurement Manager CV, Template & Examples While building their CVs, procurement managers need to focus the most on objectively quantifiable achievements during their previous assignments. There are few roles where a numerical dollar value can[...]

  • Financial Controller Job Description & Profile


    Financial Controllers are almost always senior-level executives who oversee the operations of the finance and accounting departments. A day in the life of a financial controller Financial controllers are responsible for managing the teams that[...]

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