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Navigating salaries and benefits can be fraught with difficulties, whether you’re established in your role or looking for a new challenge. At Renaix, our recruiters are highly experienced in handling salary negotiations to achieve the best results. Here, they offer their expert advice and guidance.

How to ask for a raise

Whatever your position or level of experience, asking for a pay raise is a nerve-racking experience. Many professionals never build up the courage to ask! But if you genuinely believe you are being paid below your worth, asking for a raise could be the only solution.

Are you getting what you’re worth?

Everyone strives to maximise their earning power, but navigating the complex web of promotion and reward is no easy feat. However, if you feel you are great at what you do but aren’t seeing the returns you deserve, a good question to ask is, “Am I getting paid enough?”

How to get a higher salary?

Do you feel like you’ve maxed out your earning capacity in your current role? As a professional, it’s important to avoid getting stuck in a job or organisation where you can’t achieve a promotion or higher salary. You have every right to aim for a step up and consider whether you are getting what you deserve. So, don’t settle for less than your market worth for fear of asking for a raise or pushing yourself.  Here are some of the ways you can boost your earning capacity.

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Our Renaix Guide to Recruitment for Audit and Finance Professionals provides information on trends in the industry.

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