Our Professional Partnerships

Our Professional Partnerships. Renaix is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

The REC is the largest trade body representing the UK’s recruitment and staffing industry. REC corporate membership is a mark of quality, proving that we are compliant and adhering to best practice in our recruitment process and recognising, as we do, the vital role recruitment plays in shaping and growing the UK labour market.



As part of our REC membership, we’ve taken part in #JobsTransform, a campaign to promote the important role of the recruitment industry. Hiring the right people isn’t always easy, but employers must attract talent to succeed. Renaix was founded on the belief that good people can transform a business and the right jobs transform lives. Here at Renaix, we work closely with all our clients to understand what you’re looking for in a candidate, so you can hire exactly the people you need. We also recognise the daily challenges you face and aim to make your life easier and provide solutions. Because getting recruitment right equals business success. Read more about the campaign here.



We’ve also participated in the REC’s research project Perfect Match to support good recruitment practices & the recruitment industry at large.  To help REC investigate the reasons why hiring mistakes occur & the substantial, yet often overlooked, consequences of bad hiring decisions, we provided examples of how you ensure a good fit for the permanent role. Read about the research here.


Renaix staff work with Career Ready

Career Ready is a charity that works across the UK with employers & volunteers to connect young people with the world of work, unlocking their potential and levelling the playing field. Meeting regularly over a 12 month period, Renaix staff support their mentee’s studies with advice and real-life experience and guide these A- level students through their university/career choices. Mentoring is also a great opportunity for our staff to develop their own coaching skills and spot future talent. Find out more here.


Our Renaix Guide to Recruitment for Audit and Finance Professionals provides information on trends in the industry.

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