How To Throw A Xmas Party Over Zo

For most of us “entertainment” in the workplace in 2020 and 2021 was distinctly screen- based. However, many employers have gone above and beyond to factor in the hybrid, health-conscious working norms of the last two years and have pivoted workplace entertainment to be celebratory yet mindful.

As employers wind down for Xmas 2021, and as many employees battle with the choice to socialise openly and with abandon over Xmas, here at Renaix we thought we’d compile a collection of festive and year-round best practices when it comes to remote, screen-based or hybrid workplace celebrations.

To err on the side of caution does not mean business owners cannot celebrate the wins, give their teams a break or sign off for Xmas in style – in fact if anything team leaders and bosses should be prioritising it.

We all need some small sign that the work we’re doing is valued even as the very fabric of career building and work environments change.

So, a small gift from us to you is the offer of some inspiration – if you’re struggling to engage your team, keep morale high, or if you’re simply unable to spare a shred of time to even find out where to start, the remote Xmas (and birthday) party ideas below might just give you the spark you need to host a successful remote party!

The Best Remote Xmas Party Ideas


  • Hoppier are pandemic-focused innovation, realised. They provide a seamless event and celebration service that melds the physical and digital and have had a bumper year (for obvious reasons), providing the laughs, fun, games, food and drink that makes a party a party.
  • Their blog – 21 virtual Christmas party ideas to make your team merry – is stacked full of amazing ideas for remote dos, such as online charity drives and remote secret Santas, to designing Santa hats and holding Christmas cookie making competitions.


GoToEvents are a team building and corporate events company, and their blog – Top 23 Virtual Christmas Ideas for Companies & Teams – includes more event-based ideas such as Xmas Murder Mystery nights, musical bingo, virtual house parties and more and they even include some hints and tips (and events) on what to do if your team are “Zoomed out”.


AhaSlides have reimagined meetings and corporate engagement, and their advice blog – 11 Totally Free Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2021 (Tools + Templates) – offers some great Xmas celebration options that don’t break the bank.

The Best Remote Birthday Party Ideas


Virtual events company TagVenue have compiled a whole host of great remote birthday party ideas in their blog – 15 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas. These range from online card games to Kahoot, Who Knows You Better to drinking games. Fun for all the family (age dependent!)

The New York Times

The NYT have gone in with their well-regarded article on remote celebrations – 14 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas. Their advice covers events from baby birthday parties to adults.

Good Housekeeping

GH’s inspiring piece on remote celebrations – 11 Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do While Social Distancing – hits all the right notes, with ideas ranging from how to put together video montages to hosting TV binge nights on Netflix.

The bottom line

No one has come out of 2021 without feeling the effects of COVID-19, despite the incredible work public health bodies, communities and employers have done to drive down the infection rate. Through it all, people have learned to adapt to how they live, thrive, and survive, and a big part of that has been still finding ways to celebrate the good, even amongst the bad.

Renaix wishes you a very happy, and safe, Xmas and Festive season!

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