Head of Treasury Salary And Pay

As the custodian of a company’s liquidity, investments, and financial operations, the Head of Treasury is critical in ensuring financial health and success.

Role of Head of Treasury

The role of the Head of Treasury in a company is dynamic. It encompasses managing cash, optimising investments, mitigating risks, making informed financial decisions, and maintaining solid relationships with financial partners. The Head of Treasury in a company is responsible for the following:

Working Capital Management

Keeping an eye on and making the most of the working capital available, which comprises the amounts of accounts payable, payables, and inventory.

Investment Management

Oversee the company’s investment portfolio, deciding where to invest excess funds to generate returns while ensuring capital preservation.

Debt Management

Managing the company’s debt obligations, including issuing new securities and refinancing existing debt.

Financial Reporting and Compliance

Maintaining accurate and timely financial records and generating reports on cash, investments, debt, and other treasury activities.Unsplash+ In collaboration with Getty Images

Head of Treasury Salary in the UK

The compensation of the Head of Treasury in the UK is a blend of base salary and other benefits. While salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as the company’s industry, location, size, and financial performance, according to Glassdoor, a general range for the role falls between £114,000 to £197,000 per annum.

Head of Treasury Average Salary in Different Regions of the UK

In cities renowned for their financial prowess, such as London, the salaries for the Head of Treasury are often at the higher end due to the high cost of living, making it essential to offer competitive salaries to attract and retain the top talent.

In contrast, smaller cities may offer slightly lower salaries due to their lower cost of living. Additionally, the industry can significantly influence compensation. Companies in the finance sector, such as banking and venture capital, which manage their client’s wealth and where complex financial operations are the norm, might offer higher salaries than other industries.

Comparative Analysis: Europe and the World

When evaluating the pay and perks of the Head of Treasury in the UK, it’s crucial to benchmark against their counterparts in Europe and the world.

Across Europe, the UK’s compensation for this role often stands on par with other financial powerhouses like Germany, France, and Italy. 

These nations have comparable economic climates, but they differ in that they offer attractive salaries to draw in and retain the best financial talent.

In other parts of the world, similar or comparable roles have different titles, such as Treasurer, Treasury Manager or Treasury Director.

While the compensation and perks offered to the Head of Treasury are undoubtedly attractive in different countries, it’s essential to recognize the weight of responsibility and accountability accompanying the job.  

Perks and Benefits

A career in Treasury is quite rewarding, as in addition to base salaries, other perks and benefits are also offered to the Head of Treasury. These perks often include performance-based bonuses, stock options, executive education allowance, retirement benefits and health insurance.

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