Cyber Security Analyst Salary & Pay

(Note: Salaries can differ significantly based on industry, experience, and company policies. The above figures are estimates from

As the minimum basic pay level, it’s important to remember that a variable component should be between these figures. The variable part depends on the individual employee’s performance, his business vertical, and the company as a whole.

Cyber Security Salaries Across Industries

Salaries also differ significantly based on the type and size of the employer. A large financial institution or a big consulting firm would pay more than smaller companies. Banks are especially vulnerable to cyber threats. So, they offer highly competitive remuneration to attract the best talent in the market. The same is true for large consulting companies, especially those specialising in cybersecurity. These firms sell their services to clients; the amount they charge is based on the consultant’s credentials. Thus, professionals with the right skillset are highly sought-after and well-paid.

Audit companies are also a decent option for slightly more experienced professionals. Such companies provide cyber security audit and forensic services and can command a premium in times of crisis. Next would be companies in sensitive or strategic sectors like defence, aerospace, and energy. You can look at all the cybersecurity roles available across industries at this link.

Salary growth

The Cyber Wage Survey, by Willis Towers Watson, expects entry-level cybersecurity analysts and engineers to get a 7% to 8% annual pay raise. This is three times the UK national average. The pay rise is noticeably larger. This indicates the growing importance of the cybersecurity field. Companies are putting increased focus on it.

Information security is one of the fastest-growing verticals across the world. Companies are relying more on digital channels for sales and other business functions. This makes them more vulnerable. There have been many high-profile data breaches, and they only seem to increase in frequency. Such incidents pose a real threat to an organisation’s reputation. They can significantly lower customer trust.

These factors are the reason behind significant growth in the cybersecurity profession. Also, companies increase spending. They also hire more experienced cybersecurity analysts and engineers. They also hire solution architects, consultants, auditors, and independent consultants. There is an undeniable trend toward cybersecurity. Prospects for professionals in this field are good.

The survey by Willis Towers Watson shows another significant trend. Cyber professionals are generally younger than professionals in other fields. They are being hired at a younger age and paid more. This presents an ideal opportunity for young professionals trying to break into the field and get a running start on their careers.

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