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IT Auditors are required to be technically proficient leaders and collaborators. Equal parts IT systems expert and assessor, IT Auditors have to be diligent and adept analysers of IT infrastructure and processes. IT Auditors are also responsible for communicating shortfalls in IT security and risk management, and responsible for suggesting adjustments to processes, programming, training and compliance upgrading to ensure high quality, adequate network and technical standards are met.

As mentioned in our Qualifications and Skills Page for IT Auditor, successful IT Audit candidates must have a storied career in tech, IT, systems administration, IT security or programming. But the difference between a good IT Auditor and a great IT Auditor comes down to how effectively and accurately you can package amendments to processes, provide quality reports, and work with cross-departmental stakeholders to improve IT environment compliance.

Here are some of the main job responsibilities for an IT Auditor:

Audit Types and Responsibilities

IT Audits are typically broken into sections or types of Audit, which means IT Auditors need to have hands-on experience of the following:

  • Technological innovation processes,
  • Innovative comparison audits,
  • Technological position audits,
  • Systems and applications audits,
  • Information processing facilities audits,
  • Systems development audits,
  • Management of IT and enterprise architecture,
  • Client, server, telecommunications, intranets and extranets audits.

The above types of IT Audit take will include systems risk management and IT security assessment as part of each department/process/application/system, with the end result being a set of assessments and findings that will impact IT systems governance and compliance.

Communication and Critical Thinking

Parallel to other types of industry auditing, reporting is a central component of the role. This means IT Auditors have to be both confident in communication and fastidious with feedback. This takes a candidate with maturity, a heavy dose of critical thinking, and experience with high-level comms. You’ll be communicating your findings to both the IT teams in the weeds, and non-IT stakeholders, which demands clear and concise reporting language.

Change Management

The outcomes of an IT Audit are where Auditors make the most impact. IT Auditors must be focused on improvements, so effective reporting and communication needs to be based around change management, testing of application controls, improvements to those controls, and the identification of any training or upgrading required to maintain improved standards.

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