Treasury Salary And Pay

(Note: Please note that salaries can differ significantly based on industry, experience, and company policies. The above figures are based on estimates taken from Glassdoor).

Treasury salaries are, in the main, above that of other midweight financial professional roles, however it’s worth iterating that due to the vast differences in Treasurer responsibility based on the sector they are in, the pay can widely vary between being voluntary or expenses-based (see community council treasurer and bookkeeping roles), to in the six figure bracket (see Group Treasurer roles).

Most European countries pay between €40,000 and €80,000 per annum as a base rate of pay for a Treasurer. This will trend towards the higher end of the pay brackets for established enterprises and multinationals, commercial companies and advisory firms.

The primary determinant of a Treasurer’s salary will be the sector/industry they work in. As almost every company will have a figure who works as a Treasurer/financial controller/credit controller/debt manager, the array of responsibilities they have within each sector, even each company within the same sector, can vary.

Therefore, it’s wise for those who work as Treasurers to be mindful of wider industry salary trends, but be adaptable enough to shift remuneration expectations to meet their field of work.

Beyond Treasury

A talented treasurer will have a wealth of opportunities ahead of them once they begin to move up the financial ladder. Treasurers control, analyse and understand the flow of money, debt, collateral and investment within any given enterprise. They are the beating heart of cash flow, and as such the multitude of relationships generated in any enterprise by a Treasurer – from accountants to investors, banks to the CFO – is enormously beneficial to mapping how best to build a financial career.

A Treasurer working for an established company can expect to be highly sought after for roles such as: Chief Financial Officer, Head of Investments or Head of Financial Strategy. This is due to Treasurers being cash flow watchdogs, with many financial fingers in many monetary pies. As such, they are naturally (and expected to be) both experienced, mature, leadership figures within any enterprise.

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