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In an unprecedented year with so much change and uncertainty it was comforting to see that some things never change. Ambition and aspiration remained strong, with advice around interview and CV preparation for Financial Controllers, Internal Auditors and Cybersecurity continuing to be popular. The pandemic has placed increased emphasis on organisational leadership and operations management, and it is no surprise therefore to see recent heightened interest in these areas.

Trending strongly over the last 12 months has been content around the future of work. The pandemic-inspired homeworking revolution drove huge interest in content around engaging remote teams. Also, as we move to the new pandemic normal, we have seen a strong interest in our content around adaptability and skills required to succeed in this new world of work in 2021 and beyond.

Over the past three years since we relaunched the website, we have massively increased user engagement with our audience of auditors, finance, and senior management professionals. These are the top performing recruitment and career-related posts that have trended with our readership over this time:

Competency-Based Interviews & Selection Tests (1)

It is the most used form of interview assessment and this content includes guidance on the type of selection process candidates may face and how candidates can prepare for competency-based assessment.

Cyber Security CV, Template & Examples (4)

We have seen a surge in demand for cybersecurity professionals in recent years and it remains a popular career choice for professionals. We provided a model CV template to help individuals to progress in this environment and outlined the key cybersecurity certifications.

Financial Controller Qualifications, Skills & Requirements (5)

We frequently work with promising financial controller candidates and thought it useful to highlight the ideal applicant profile which is: Chartered Accountant status, with 5 to 15 years working experience and some management and leadership experience. This is an extremely popular piece of content.

Agile for Accountants: Six Steps to Provide Necessary Tools (2)

Accounting departments are going agile and we outlined a simple road map to execute this in-house, consisting of continuous planning, information flow, technology, data analytics, compliance and agile leadership.

Your 2020 Essential Digital and Soft Skills Checklist (3)

The remote working revolution has driven demand for digital skills. The top 3 most in demand digital skills are: user and entity big data analytics, app and web enabled markets, and Internet of Things. Data Scientists and Software Engineers are in short supply.

Internal Auditor CV, Template & Examples (6)

We have a lot experience filling this role and know exactly what employers look for in an internal auditor candidate CV. Key tips are to tailor your CV around job requirements, quantify your achievements and flag up big data and data analytics certifications.

Operations Manager Qualifications & Skills (7)

Behind medicine, operations have been one of the most crucial professions, ensuring societal continuity during the pandemic.  Manufacturing and e-commerce are perhaps the most in-demand sectors and Six Sigma and APICS are the most desirable certifications.

Financial Controller CV |Template and Examples (8)

As you climb the leadership ranks in finance, career progression opportunities occur less often and are usually hotly contested. A good CV can unlock doors. Along with a CV template, we highlight the key elements of an effective Financial Controller CV which include, showing your results orientation, performance differentiators and your leadership and collaborative skills.

How to Become a Managing Director (9)

2020 was the year that showcased the need for and the value of good leadership. We outlined a simple road map to becoming an MD which highlighted the need for developing an effective personal brand, gaining deep and broad experience and accumulating some influential references.

Thoughts on the Return to Work in a Pandemic World (10)

There was so much uncertainty around the return to work. Of course, no-one had the answers, but we predicted a medium to long term move to a home-based, service delivery model in business and increasing demand for digital skills.

Top 4 Employee Skills To Succeed (11)

As lockdown began to ease, thoughts were focused around regaining a career foot hold in a changing and uncertain world. We highlighted how important it was for employees and candidates to be able to exhibit a compelling virtual presence, adaptability, creative thinking and digital fluency.

Home-Working the New Normal – How to Engage (12)

Back in April, the homeworking revolution had arrived on all our doorsteps, much sooner than anticipated. Here, we shared tips on how to manage and motivate remote teams in a results-based manner, using the latest social technologies.

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